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How to make the most labels

How to make the most labels

There are lots of benefits of moving into the digital labels market. This handbook highlights them and shows you how to make the most out of moving to digital.

If you are a flexo printer already producing longer runs, or a digital printer already working in other markets, but not yet tried labels, or even a commercial offset printer who is looking to add value to your business, then this is for you, and we will help you explore the world of digital labels – from financing the press to learning about variable data, from environmental benefits to weighing up the cost, from what substrates to use to selling digital to your customers. All these issues are explored and the handbook will allow you to have a better understanding of the market and if it is a possible opportunity for your business. 

Contents include: The environmental case for digital; why go digital; data management; what you actually need to go digital; the digital sell, and weighing up the cost.

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