Healeys expands its digital operations and adds a dedicated Polar guillotine

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Heidelberg has pulled out the stops to supply Healeys with a Polar D66 Plus guillotine in a hurry. It will be delivered this month to the Ipswich plant.

Healeys’ digital operation is rapidly expanding and the company is both reorganising and building to increase this department by a third, giving it about a quarter of the factory space. Now instead of sharing the finishing capacity with the litho department it will have its own dedicated equipment and staff.

‘We have three toner based digital presses and anticipate some upgrades in the coming months but it will not be inkjet for us for the time being,’ said Philip Dodd, managing director. ‘At the same time our web to print expert is developing another portal for some specialist products. These factors combine to mean we will be handling a much higher volume of digital jobs this year and so having a dedicated guillotine and finishing area makes sense.’

Healeys already uses Polar kit (two of three guillotines currently installed) so although it did review the options it had faith in the brand. It likes Polar reliability and, because Heidelberg is its main litho supplier, it makes sense to have common back up services.

The digital finishing department will also house a cutter-creaser, laminator and foiler and Philip predicts more will be added this year.

Digital demand is increasing with new customers but also successful existing clients, including many needing to promote property in a speedy and responsive way. Healeys cites its values as ‘care, create and collaborate’ and this appears to be good for business.

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