Apex International places largest single order for Troika Systems

February 1, 2018

Packaging Solutions


Troika Systems and Apex International have announced that Apex is to use the Troika anilox measurement products, the AniCam with Anilox QC, at all of its production sites worldwide. The order for 10 systems is the largest single order placed on Troika for its flagship product.


The combined expertise of Apex International’s production processes of anilox roll manufacturing technologies and Troika’s accurate anilox measurement systems, of which over 950 units have been installed globally, will complement the requirements of many significant print groups and private converters who already manage their anilox inventories with their own AniCam and Anilox QC systems.



Toon van Steensel, plant manager of Apex Europe, stated: ‘The need to get the latest technology with the Troika AniCam microscope will allow us to get a fully calibrated system of our present microscopes, our daily measurement on our calibrated rolls and a full integration between readings of different types of microscopes is an essential part or our QA/QC system in order to provide our customers with the best validated information on our products. Furthermore the reliability and consistency of measurements from the Troika AniCam /Anilox QC is an essential part of the print community’s needs, but most importantly for Apex to improve our QA/QC procedures for all our plants around the world in order to assure the consistent engraving quality that our customers expect from us.’


The same can be said for any manufacturer of anilox rolls and gravure cylinders, the AniCam with Anilox QC will help to produce consistent engraving quality. For print customers, they will be able to reduce their make ready waste and press set up time by knowing the condition of their anilox rolls and gravure cylinders and with this ‘right first time’ process, increase profits.


Managing director of Troika Systems, Phil Hall, stated: ‘Many print groups globally are looking to standardise their production between plants. With a significant number now using the Troika AniCam with Anilox QC and the Anilox Management System (AMS) for their inventory management. Using the same measurement systems will ensure compatibility and enhance confidence in what the printer measures and what anilox manufacturer’s state is the volume engraved.’


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