Pureprint first to add high definition to HP Indigo 12000

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Pureprint has become the first UK printer to add high definition printing heads to an HP Indigo digital press. The installation is on one of the company’s s six HP digital presses at its Uckfield, East Sussex production site.

Mark Handford, CEO of Pureprint, commented: ‘Many of our customers are interested in high end print production where colour and quality are very important. Last year the judges for one of our award wins kindly described our digital print work as ‘perfection’, but the HP Indigo high definition printheads offer a further advance. Luxury brands and the fine art publishing sector in particular will appreciate the new level of print detail that this investment brings and the results we have seen show that digital printing can match our top end high definition litho FM screen work.’

The digital printing HD capability has been installed on Pureprint’s newest HP Indigo press, the 12000 B2 machine. The HD technology doubles print resolution and will achieve higher image smoothness which HP believe surpasses offset quality by printing 1600 dpi with high lpi screen sets up to 290 lpi. The high definition imaging system uses an additional 12 laser beams to achieve the higher resolution.

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