Verico Technology aims to increase market share of Zahara plate

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Environmentally friendly Zahara plates have succeeded in securing significant market shares in waterless offset within a short space of time. Whether it be for label printing, waterless newspaper printing on the KBA Cortina or the production of optical data carriers and plastic cards, printers trust the plate’s high quality. A highly experienced sales and service team is on hand to ensure that the switch to and use of the Zahara plate always runs smoothly.

Following the acquisition of Presstek’s Direct Imaging and CTP divisions by Mark Andy, Presstek’s former waterless offset plate division has been spun off as an independent company. Led by the former Presstek CEO Yuval Dubois, Verico Technology will concentrate on the production and sales of waterless plates and further coating technologies in new areas of business.

The sales and service team will continue its activities under the Verico Technology name and has set itself the target of increasing market shares. The team for the EAME region (Europe, Africa, Middle East) consists of:

Karol Wolnikowski, sales director for the EAME region, who is responsible for the strategic planning and coordination of sales and service activities. He is also the point of contact for dealers and has the task of expanding the sales infrastructure. After graduating in print and media technology from the University of Wuppertal, Karol’s jobs have included nine years as a sales engineer and technical director at Marks-3zet, where he was responsible for consumables and prepress equipment for waterless offset printing.

Oliver Schlindwein is a qualified master of printing with over 34 years of experience in the industry, including around a decade in waterless printing. As a sales manager for the EAME region he has worked in sales for Presstek or Verico Technology, as it now is, for three years. Previously, he worked in technical sales for Marks-3zet for seven years. His tasks also include forecasting/market monitoring, optimising ordering systems and logistics.

Claude Zähringer works as a sales manager in the EAME region, primarily in France and southern Europe. After graduating from the University of Lorient, Claude joined the printing industry in 1985 and he now has over 20 years of experience in waterless printing, including ten years as managing director for France and the Francophone market at Marks-3zet. In July 2017 he moved to the Presstek and now the Verico Technology team.

Günter Schmid, a qualified master of printing and plate application specialist for the EAME region, can draw on 20 years of experience in waterless printing.

He joined Presstek in October 2017 and will now pursue his consultancy work for Verico Technology. Previously, Günter had worked in sales and technical support for Marks-3zet (Mülheim/Ruhr). He is also a specialist in pre-press equipment and plate processors in particular.

Michael Reuter is another plate application specialist, who joined the team in August 2017 in order to look after Zahara customers. A qualified master of printing, his specific areas of responsibility included printing instruction, pre-press equipment and process calibration. He has been involved in waterless offset since 2010 and, amongst other roles, he was manager of the Marks-3zet demo centre in Mülheim for five years. He also has two decades of experience as a department manager in a sheetfed offset printer.

Candido Presa Arjones worked for four years for Presstek and now occupies the same position, technical project director, in the Verico Technology team. Candido Presa Arjones has extensive experience in waterless printing, acquired through, amongst other roles, his work as an instructor at Koenig & Bauer and Ryobi, as well as at VIM Technologies. Building on these 20 years of waterless experience, he will be responsible in the Verico Technology European team for product development, field tests and quality management.

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