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ACA, the Scottish one stop print finishing operation which underwent a £6.5 million buy-in management buy out in 2016, has invested further in its future profitability with the acquisition of a £90,000 CNC machine to manufacture brass dies, each of which can be used to emboss over one million sheets of paper.

Joe Keenan, ACA’s managing director, said: ‘Before we brought in the CNC machine, we used magnesium dies, each of which are good for only 100,000 sheets of paper. This cost us around £50,000 a year, so we expect to make a significant saving.

‘In addition, since as far as we know, this is the only CNC brass die producing machine in Scotland, we anticipate that other print finishing businesses will buy up to £50,000 worth of dies from us, meaning that the machine will recoup its costs in one year.’

Construction work is also on-going at ACA’s premises space at Inchinnan Business Park on the periphery of Glasgow International Airport, to complete a 4800 square metre sterile environment to handle the packaging materials for food products.

Joe said, ‘We believe we are capable of increasing annual turnover from its current level of £4.6 million to £6 million by 2020 and a key part of our expansion plan lies in securing BRC accreditation to allow us to handle packaging work for the UK’s major food manufacturers.

‘There are a variety of processes we are working on to gain the accreditation but the main one is the creation of a sterile environment and we anticipate we will have this ready by summer.’

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