Climate Change Levy Deadline Looms

June 15, 2018

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The BPIF has been working hard to get as many eligible companies onto its Climate Change Levy reduction scheme before the deadline on the 31 July 2018. Energy prices are currently going through the roof and this scheme is one of the few ways of mitigating these increases.



The BPIF has contacted companies, both members and non-members, with more than 50 employees, in order to explain the application requirements to ensure the industry makes the most of this limited time opportunity. It is estimated that the companies that have already been visited could save a total of £550,000 in the current year.


With the levy set to increase considerably next year, that annual saving will rise to £846,971 from April and by not taking the necessary action to join the scheme, those companies could be risking a loss of £3.9 million on energy bills over the life of the scheme. It would take a significant amount of customer orders to generate that level of profit – there is also a good chance that competitors are already enjoying the savings.


Steve Walker, commercial products manager, has managed the scheme since its introduction in 2001. He said, ‘I would encourage companies to take advantage of this opportunity before the end of July. It is surprising that companies who can save more than £10,000 a year are finding it difficult to spare the resource to complete the paperwork. However we can help do this for companies, so any company that is finding resource an issue just give us a call. Remember upwards of £70,000 over the next five years could be saved under the BPIF CCL reduction scheme, and that is not a saving to be sniffed at.’


Mark Roberts, managing director of Acorn Web Offset Ltd, whose company is on the scheme explained, ‘For those with a significant energy spend it is the absolute no brainer particularly with the BPIFs help in simplifying the government’s application processes.’


If you would like more information, please contact Steve Walker, BPIF commercial products manager, on 01676 526050 or e-mail

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