Amendo 18.1 image optimisation software now available for more markets

July 25, 2018

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With the latest release of its automated image optimisation and processing software, OneVision has expanded the potential uses of its product range. As well as traditional publishers in the newspaper and magazine industries, catalogue and photobook printers, web shops and internet portals can now effect high quality image processing within seconds.

The latest release, version 18.1, marks an expansion in the range of use uses for Amendo. New features, such as an increased choice of image scaling options, automatic artifact reduction and filtering and separate editing of graphics now not only enable publishers and media companies to benefit from a high level of automation, image optimisation and image processing but also printers from other markets too.

While the focus so far had been on automated optimisation of ‘natural’ images such as landscapes, animals, group photos, portraits and other snapshots, Amendo now also recognises graphics as ‘artificial’ images, encompassing logos, comics, technical drawings, as well as images with highly limited colour palettes in general. Product images, which are typically shot in front of a white background also fall within this category. Amendo can identify these images, making appropriate use of other optimisations at the same time, adapting the brightness of these images to ensure that the colours of the products depicted in the images are reproduced realistically.

Three new options complete the image scaling portfolio: users can resize images based on resolution, number of pixel and dimensions, or any combination of these parameters, while two different interpolation methods are available to choose from. As such, Amendo 18.1 now offers comprehensive universal image scaling, while for users, this functionality remains as intuitive as ever.

The new Amendo 18.1 version is now available as a free download to users with maintenance contracts.


Amendo 18.1 includes an increased choice of image scaling options, automatic artifact reduction.



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