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Flint Group has announced the latest addition of a new flexo thermal plate to its nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System, the nyloflex XVH Digital.

The nyloflex XVH Digital is the first inherently flat top dot plate of the thermal plate family, with an innovative formulation optimised to be processed on the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor. The versatile plate is designed to serve the flexible packaging and Label market, delivering high quality print results on various substrates with all ink systems. Thanks to the inherent flat top dots in nyloflex XVH Digital, there is no need for additional equipment or auxiliaries, which is perfectly suited for printers who want to benefit of lightning fast plate production and of flat top dot plates.

Flint Group’s nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System delivers on the companies ‘Better. Faster. Easier to use.’ promise. The innovative system brings several expertly developed components together, providing better plate quality, faster plate production and easier handling.

‘Thermal processing systems for the production of flexographic printing plates have been in the market for many years. We didn’t believe that with the technology available at that time, we could meet our customers, or our own quality expectations from thermally processed plates,’ said Friedrich von Rechteren, global commercial vice president flexographic. He continued, ‘As we shadowed the market and developments in thermal technologies, we put a focus group within our own research and development department with the aim to develop a thermal processing system, which delivers plate and print results the market has never seen before.’

The company has also launched nyloprint WF Sharp Digital, a high performance letterpress plate for label printing. It is water washable, film based plate ideal for high quality print jobs as well as for aluminum and plastic laminated tubes.

This new technology delivers digital images with up to 10.160 dpi for superior print quality with sharper images, more open reverses and finer highlights. The digital workflow allows data transfer without loss of quality. The latest generation of photopolymer plate technology allows the plate to be processed on all common types of processing equipment. The high flexibility of the polyester base and its superior adaption to different cylinders simplify the plate mounting. Furthermore, the durability of the digital label plate leads to longer print runs and increased resource efficiency.

‘We leveraged our vast knowledge in the letterpress segment to develop the nyloprint WF Sharp Digital plate. This plate is specifically designed for letterpress applications in the label market, completing our offering to label producers,’ said Friedrich.

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