API Group to unveil luxury packaging trends at Luxe Pack Monaco

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API Group is to launch its AW2019/SS2020 Trends Folio at this year’s Luxe Pack Monaco, revealing the upcoming creative trends for the luxury packaging industry for the year ahead.

Trends are a key driver for creating brand engagement. API commissioned a recent industry survey which revealed 78% of brand owners believe that packaging which aligns itself to the latest cultural, fashion and design trends has a positive impact on consumer buying behaviour.

API has used its global network and specialist technical expertise to identify four creative themes driving the luxury packaging industry and showcase how an informed use of foils, laminates and holograms can empower brands to capitalise on upcoming market changes.

Since launching in 2015, API’s Trends Folio has become a highly anticipated and trusted resource for brand owners, designers and printers.

As with previous years, the Trends Folio is an evolution of the previous years and has been created to encourage innovation at all stages of product development. This year’s trends evolution has been driven by an increase in demand for ‘premium’ effects and finishes in the luxury retail market.

Speaking ahead of Luxe Pack Monaco, API’s creative development manager David Peters highlights how brands can use the trend information to differentiate from the competition, engage with consumers and stand out on shelf.

David explained, ‘Our annual trends round up focuses on supporting the development of luxury packaging solutions which will provide maximum impact on shelf and allow brands to create a unique identity in an increasingly competitive retail environment.

‘The Trends Folio is our unique interpretation of trends for the upcoming year that are relevant across all categories within the luxury market space.

‘It has been developed to empower designers and brand owners to create an engaging brand experience and ensure their products consistently outshine the competition.

‘Brands and designers, should remember however that trends are just a steer. It is essential to understand and develop packaging solutions, which are appropriate for the brand, consumer, category and the environment in which the product will be positioned.

‘Luxe Pack Monaco is the perfect forum to launch our new trends to all our current and new customers. It is also the perfect platform for us to show how API can work with brand owners to develop packaging solutions which deliver real impact and memorable design.’

API Group will also showcase its Transmet film free laminate which allows brands to reduce their environmental impact without compromising a premium design finish.

David added, ‘Over the last five years we have invested in developing a wide range of film free laminate finishes, through our Transmet product line. The diverse range, enables us to combine the style behind our trends, with sustainability and create an effect that adds unique visual impact to brand packaging.’

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