Business cards and flyers that can grow into a mini garden

October 29, 2018

Green Solutions


An inventive vegan printer has just added a new paper option to its product range – one that can literally grow into a mini garden when buried.


This innovative material is called seeded paper and can be used for business cards and flyers. Seeds are added during the making process of this handcrafted paper, which means it is more than recyclable - it is plantable.



Gary Toomey, managing director and founder of Hatch, said: ‘We are always on the lookout for products that are harmless to the planet. Since I started Hatch, driving us to be an environmentally friendly business has always been a priority. We have been adding unconventional options to our range, allowing customers to also do their part for the planet by ordering eco friendly products.’


As seeds are a part of the paper, its texture is uneven and will appeal to those who looking for a product to make them stand out. Weighing 280  g/m2 and 560 g/m2, it can be printed full colour, single or double vegan accreditation, ensuring every product used in their supply chain is animal free.


The seeded paper follows another innovative announcement from the company, after Hatch launched the UK’s first fully recyclable roller banner, made of paper and cardboard.


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