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Petainer moves towards 100% renewable energy in Europe

Green Solutions

As part of the commitment to make its operations as sustainable as possible, Petainer’s manufacturing site based in Lidkӧping, Sweden, will now be powered entirely by hydroelectric power, a 100% renewable energy source.

The Lidköping plant, which produces one way preforms and PET bottles for Petainer’s FMCG brand owners in the Northern European market for carbonated soft drinks and water, has signed an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). This certifies that all of the 30,000 megawatt hours of energy that Petainer purchases from its supplier each year will be renewable.

Petainer’s other European manufacturing site in Aš, Czech Republic, which produces refillable bottles and kegs, will also move to 100% renewable energy in due course. It too consumes 30,000 megawatt hours per annum.

This announcement follows other sustainability initiatives implemented by Petainer, including the significant investment in additional storage capacity at both plants, to reduce logistics and carbon footprint.

Lidkӧping has also been awarded Gold Rating by EcoVadis, the global CSR ratings agency. This assessment places Petainer in the top one percent of suppliers in the manufacture of plastics products category and in the top one percent of all the organisations EcoVadis evaluates. EcoVadis analyses 21 factors across four themes – environment, fair labour practices, ethics and fair business practices, and supply chain. It has improved its overall score, with a particularly strong performance in the environmental category.

Inger Frykberg, group operations director at Petainer, said: ‘As a business with a global manufacturing footprint, we are continuously looking at ways of improving our environmental performance. Moving our largest production plants to 100% renewable energy is an important step in our commitment to sustainable operations.’

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