Nationwide Print upgrades laminating with a new Komfi

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Cornwall based Nationwide Print has purchased a new Komfi Delta 52 thermal laminator from Friedheim International to increase capacity for longer runs.

Nationwide has undergone drastic changes under the leadership of managing director Julian Hocking. Founded in 1959, the company was built on three core values – developing great relationships, investing in the latest technology and excellence in print.

Julian said, ‘We currently run our lamination jobs through our old D&K but we needed one with a much higher capacity. After considering our options we found that the Komfi was the best fit at the price point, efficiency, speed and its small footprint. It has also been recommended to us by other companies in the industry.’

The compay’s main products are brochures, reports, leaflets, catalogues, business cards and much more. From one copy printed digitally on its two Ricohs to any number on the litho presses. The company also offers a turbo digital service geared for short or medium run jobs.

Julian continued, ‘The Komfi will be used primarily for brochures and menu covers due to its stock range of 115 to 600 g/m2. This was a really big incentive for us since we didn’t have this kind of range with our current machine, it also has quite a good energy profile with a lower carbon footprint. At Nationwide we have heavily invested in our energy profile, over the years we have added many things to the business to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We are in a beautiful part of the UK and we would like it to remain that way.’

Tom Baker, Friedheim’s sales specialist, said: ‘The Komfi Delta 52 is a great little machine, robust, excellent lamination quality and really easy to use. We have been researching how best to help Nationwide with its recycling of laminated paper, but the technology isn’t here yet. We have made great in-roads with our supplier for good quality recyclable laminating film, but it is a continuing process – one that we will be helping our customers with going forward. The Komfi itself was the perfect choice for Nationwide, with a robust build quality and a laminating speed of up to 35 metres per minute the Delta is perfect for high quality 24 hour a day, seven days a week production. With an easy to use touch screen and self-diagnostic system to make sure lamination is perfect across the job, the Delta is a laminator you can simply leave to run all day. There is a reason why Komfi have sold over 1000 of these machines worldwide.’

Nationwide Print sustainability efforts have included powering its presses with renewable energy and using solar panels to generate electricity saving many tonnes of CO2 a year, to cladding its brick offices with carbon neutral red cedar and eco friendly superinsulation reducing heat loss by 80%, energy efficient equipment in the factory, 100% electric Volkswagen vehicles powered and charged through the solar panels, lighting that reduces the carbon emissions by over 4.1 tonnes a year, and printing with vegetable based inks.

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