The high end tube made of 100% recycled plastic

January 16, 2019

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Post consumer recycled (PCR) plastic makes a lot of sense. It uses raw materials made of plastic waste, reducing landfill and pollution of our streets and oceans. It uses less energy to produce, even considering collection, recycling and remanufacture. And when it takes the shape of a Quadpack tube, its performance is second to none.


The new PCR tube from international beauty packaging manufacturer and provider Quadpack Industries is made entirely of recycled plastics. Perfect for face care, eye contour, spot treatment and cosmeceutical applications, it is available in two versions. The smaller tube has a 16 mm diameter and a capacity of 5 to 15 ml, making it ideal for high value treatments, samples or gifts with purchase. It features a metal roller ball, to glide the formula onto the skin with a pleasant, cooling touch. The larger tube has a 19 mm diameter with a standard neck and a capacity of 5 to 20 ml.



For more aggressive bulks, such as those containing alcohol or citric ingredients, the PCR Tube can be endowed with an inner layer of EVOH. The layer’s barrier properties protects the formula from oxidation and helps prevent product migration. Special anti UV properties can also be incorporated for UV sensitive formulas.


Quadpack’s decoration experts can apply a host of techniques to deal with the yellowish tinge produced by the recycling process, to produce an attractive looking pack. The PCR Tube can be colour matched, screen printed, metallised and otherwise decorated to meet the most sophisticated brand requirements.

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