Toray Imprima waterless offset plates benefit from high quality Hydro aluminium

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Toray Graphics has reported that its partnership with Hydro Aluminum Rolled Products GmbH has resulted in exceptional quality aluminium coil rolls for manufacture of Toray waterless offset plates in its Czech Republic facility. The two companies connected at drupa 2012 when Toray was seeking a second source of aluminium, and after a due diligence process, Hydro was selected.

The result is a long term relationship dedicated to delivering superior quality.

‘When we first connected with Toray, we didn’t have much experience with waterless offset plates,’ said Kai Huse, technical manager, Product Area Lithography, at Hydro. ‘We had been producing rolled aluminium coils for almost everyone in the traditional offset plate business. We realised that Toray’s requirements for high quality aluminium with a flawless surface were very high. And when we visited the plant in Prostějov, we were extremely impressed with how clean and structured the manufacturing operation was.’

In order to meet the high quality requirements of Toray, Hydro has added an additional visual inspection step at the end of the manufacturing process. ‘We already had both visual and automated quality control processes in place,’ Kai stated. ‘But the extra visual inspection of every coil at the end of the manufacturing line ensured that we met Toray’s stringent quality requirements. Working with Toray has been a great experience, and I am sure we could learn a lot from each other.’

Hydro supplies about 600,000 tonnes of rolled aluminium products annually from its plant in Grevenbroich, Germany. ‘The largest portion of our business comes from the can industry, with polygraphy being the second largest. We are also pursuing growth in the automotive industry,’ Kai explained. ‘Working with Toray has proven to be beneficial to both our companies and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the future.’

‘We have been extremely pleased with the quality of rolled aluminium we receive from Hydro,’ said Roman Rumplík, production manager, of Toray. ‘We know we are demanding, and we appreciate the patience and dedication Hydro has shown in ensuring we receive the best possible quality. The surface of our plates must be defect free, and Hydro has delivered admirably against that requirement.’

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