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Solopress steps up its wide format printing capacity

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Southend based Solopress has signed a deal with Agfa for two Anapurna H2500i LED hybrid wide format presses. They will be driven by Agfa’s Asanti Production workflow.

Simon Cooper, managing director at Solopress, said: ‘We decided to invest in the Agfa Anapurnas as they were positioned in the right place in the market considering the overall capital cost, whilst having the efficiency, quality and reliability we need from a trusted partner. Our wide format is growing at around 35% year on year, and this equipment now gives us the overall productivity we need to service that demand as well as the flexibility we need to offer many new products. Having two devices gives us the peace of mind that even during scheduled downtime we will have the redundancy we need to ensure there is no disruption in the continuity of service we offer our customers.’

The wide format hybrid Anapurna LED series is perfect for printers that want to combine board and roll to roll jobs. The H2500i LED prints at a width of up to 2.5 metre and combines high print quality with high productivity for outdoor and indoor jobs. All Anapurna’s are fitted with air cooled UV-LED lights that save energy, costs and time and are ideal for heat sensitive materials. They also lead to a faster process as they can be switched on and off instantaneously. The Agfa Asanti software is a complete, automated wide format production hub that streamlines workflow, effectively shortening pre-press procedures.

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