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Inkcups releases X5 UV flatbed digital printer

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Inkcups has announced the release of its high performance UV flatbed digital printer, the X5, to the European market at the Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich.

The X5 is a fast and productive direct to shape UV inkjet printer. Inkcups is making it available throughout Europe following its earlier release in the US.

The machine features up to four Ricoh Gen 5 printheads for on-demand, full colour prints on flat and slightly curved hard goods up to 150 millimetres tall. The X5 can decorate a bed size of 1100 by 610 millimetres in approximately two minutes. Common applications include notebooks, rulers, promotional products, canvas, toys, automotive parts, pens, hard coolers, edible items and many others.

The X5 prints CMYK plus two highly opaque UV-LED curable white inks, with an optional varnish for additional visual impact. Designed for heavy duty industrial printing, the X5 features a rugged design that can handle near constant use

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