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Décor hits the high notes

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One of the highlights on the Fespa 2019 Epson stand was the bright, eye catching work of the BA Textile Design students from Birmingham City University. In addition to some incredible wallpapers and tabletop designs there were cushions which showed how print can work with many other techniques. These cushions included puff, French knots, beading, devoré, embroidery, couching, flocking, screen printing as well as, of course, digital print.

Take four examples. Adorna Redford produced a really stylish leaf on knit cushion, the knit featured a ladder detail and the leaves were dye sublimated onto the knit. Charlotte Murphy was tufted before being dye sublimated creating almost a caterpillar effect Josephine Lawrence used blue and white dye sublimation printed material and then enhanced it with intricated bead detail to give a dramatic 3D effect to the leaves and flowers. Tia Parmar’s yellow and blue cushions included French knots, embroidery, beading and couching to create a very tactile cushion with lots of different surface effects.

Others used a scrunch effect, hand made paper tubing, frayed selvage edges and a variety of fabrics and embroidery details.

Charlotte Murphy and Josephine Lawrence also had wallpaper designs exhibited, all the selected work having been produced on a SureColor SC-S80600 or an SC-P20000 printer, depending on the application. Work by Keely Russell, Lea Dupard, Ellie Trifonos, Maya Agnihotri and Aisha Moghal was also featured on stand.

Décor is identified as a very fast growing sector for digital printing, enabling designers to produce work quickly and to create bespoke or short run stand out work.


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