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Fujifilm unveils Uvijet OX: a new high performance ink set for the Inca Digital Onset X HS Series

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Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems has unveiled Uvijet OX – its latest high performance ink set developed exclusively for use with the new Inca Digital Onset X HS UV flatbed series.

Building on the success of Fujifilm's highly successful multi-purpose OW ink range, the Uvijet OX ink will initially be available as a six colour CMYK Lc Lm set, and will enable the new Onset X HS to print on an extensive range of rigid plastic media at high speed with maximum adhesion, cure speed and quality; helping to open up new markets for this range of printers.

David Burton, commercial director, Fujifilm Specialty Ink Systems, said: ‘The launch of the new Uvijet OX ink set marks what we at Fujifilm believe to be a milestone in ink development for the inkjet industry – a high performance specialist ink with the strongest adhesion to the widest range of challenging rigid plastic substrates. This adhesion is achievable even at the highest 'single cycle' speeds of the new Onset X HS, without an impact on the quality of the finished print.’

David said the launch of Uvijet OX is an excellent example of the power of the partnership Fujifilm has with Inca Digital and its Onset X Series – a wide format UV inkjet platform that is recognised for productivity, quality, scalability and reliability. ‘Fujifilm has worked closely with the team at Inca Digital throughout the ink development process. Our challenge was to develop a completely new UV ink technology that would dramatically increase adhesion to a range of ridged substrates, but critically, without compromising on the robustness, reliability and quality the Onset X printing platforms are known for.’

The new Uvijet OX ink features makes use of a specifically weighted monomer blend. The blend's key qualities include particularly low shrinkage when polymerised and inherently low polarity. These two factors combined offer excellent wetting properties both before and after polymerisation, providing exceptional adhesion at the interface between the plastic media and ink.

With the continued focus on the use of plastics and their associated environmental impact, many brands are increasing their commitment to phase out the use of printed PVC products and are moving towards those considered safer and more environmentally friendly or 'environmentally neutral' such as polypropylene. The enhanced adhesion properties offered by the OX ink support this trend, enabling printers to move away from printing on PVC media and towards polypropylene and polystyrene, helping them to respond to the environmental demands of the industry.

David concluded, ‘We believe the combination of the Uvijet OX ink set and the Onset X HS platform represents the most powerful, high performance, wide format inkjet system in the industry and once again sets a new standard in terms of quality, productivity and versatility.

‘The print industry continues to evolve at pace and our challenge at Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems is to continue to play a key role in defining where the industry is going and help printing companies to diversify and expand their offering to meet all the challenges and opportunities the market presents. The launch of the Uvijet OX ink set and Onset X HS is a great example of what is possible when two industry leaders work together as trusted partners with a clear, coherent and consistent vision for the future of print.’


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