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Record breaking 3D


Weerg has taken the largest EMEA order of HP Jet Fusion 5210 systems to continue innovation in the 3D market.

Weerg Srl is based in Gardigiano, Italy and it is a company that is well known for innovation.

Weerg offers online CNC machining and 3D printing dedicated to different industries, providing users with all the benefits of a service based on pure e-commerce.

Born in 2015 from an idea by Matteo Rigamonti, who in 1994 was the founder of Pixartprinting, one of the largest European business to business web to print companies, Weerg has continued Matteo’s inspiring drive to do thing better – and differently.

This philosophy runs throughout the whole company, and is highly evident within the production site, which is organised according to high levels of automation and uses only the latest generation of machinery to ensure maximum quality.

Already a driving force in pioneering what 3D printing can do, Weerg has now put its foot on the accelerator once again and set yet another record.

Just over three months after the launch of the new HP Jet Fusion 5210 series, the e-commerce company, has acquired six 3D industrial printers – three of which were already operating at the Gardigiano headquarters.

‘This is, at present day, the largest single order ever placed at EMEA level,’ confirmed Davide Ferrulli, country lead 3D printing HP Italia. ‘A record that we are pleased to share with a unique company like Weerg, with which we have been actively collaborating since its entry into additive manufacturing.’

Industry 5.0

As innovation, has always been an integral part of Weerg's DNA, as well as of its eclectic founder, Matteo, this latest move is a consolidation of its innovation spirit.

Matteo said, ‘We like to call ourselves ‘industry 5.0’ because we demand the best from our production department. That is why we constantly invest in the best technologies available.’

It is also no coincidence that Weerg's fleet of machines is unique in Italy and includes top of the range solutions for all types of processing: two batteries of five Hermle C42U five-axis continuous machines, fully automated through the use of anthropomorphic robots for CNC, and a 3D department in constant expansion. All this to support a continuously increasing demand, especially within special machining and finishing.

On the platform more than 13,000 requests for quotes are received daily, which convert into an average of 400 orders daily!

Industrial performance

‘There is an exponential growth in the 3D field, where the users, in constant evolution, are more and more attentive both to the quality of the product and to the speed of delivery times. With this in mind, the new HP Jet Fusion series, which includes new software and data management, offers the industrial performance we need, guaranteeing precision, repeatability and speed for runs of up to thousands of units,’ explained Matteo.

The new HP Jet Fusion 5210 series delivers increased productivity, greater flexibility, streamlined workflows and enhanced, automated processes, and will enable Weerg to increase its production capacity by 50%, while improving print quality, using PA 12 Nylon. This thermoplastic material, ideal for both functional prototypes and final parts, features excellent chemical resistance to oil, grease, aliphatic hydrocarbons and alkalis, making it suitable for subsequent finishing processes. The entire production is further enhanced by the use of advanced software for process automation, which include a constantly updated ERP system and nesting software that automatically organises the ‘match’ on all available builds in order to further optimise the loads.

Speed and efficiency, along with the ease of use of the platform and the online quote, have always been the founding assets of Weerg. ‘Our goal is to create millions of different units per year,’ said Matteo, ‘and we can achieve it through perfect work organisation and a flow that allows both automation and precision. For this reason, we will continue to rely on cutting edge partners such as HP, investing in the latest generation of systems with industry standards.’

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