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Precision Printing expands WhereTheTradeBuys Services with Argos F400 V5 UV coater

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Precision Printing has enhanced its service following investment in an Argos F400 V5 UV high definition flood coater supplied by Renz (UK) Ltd.

Andy Skarpellis, Precision Printing’s chief operating officer, explained: ‘We wanted to be able to deliver new offerings to clients, particularly our trade buyers. We had been looking at ways to provide protection to printed jobs as well as add value. We already had lamination capabilities, but flood UV offered a fast, affordable and more eco friendly alternative.’

As for choosing the Argos solution he stated: ‘We had been looking at flood UV solutions for several years. We wanted something that was dynamic with green button technology and cold UV lamps. We wanted something that could be set up and left to run unmanned, so the operator is freed up to run other systems. We went to Belgium, saw one in action and were impressed.’

He continued, ‘Also important was the cost effectiveness of the UV liquid. The application technology means a lot less liquid is used in the flood coating. As a result, we expect a 12 to 18 month return on investment. We are already seeing a real impact on our ability to complete fast turnaround short run work quickly.

‘We installed it just in time to help with our peak demand period of September to December. It will help us to handle workflow more smoothly. We are seeing clients moving to UV vanish from lamination and expect it to be running at a minimum of 80% capacity. This enables us to confidently manage the workload and have the ability to be flexible with last minute jobs.’

The extraordinarily compact F400 UV coater provides a protective layer which adds value to any printed document protecting it from scratching and fingerprints at speeds up to 65 metres per minute. The high speed curing system is ozone free with no need for extraction. It is economic, environmentally friendly and delivers a 50% power saving versus traditional lamps.

Also important in the purchasing decision was the working relationship Precision Printing has developed with Renz: ‘Our long term partnership has grown through our investment in wire binding equipment. It is more and more important to work with a supplier that you trust and that has the infrastructure to support you. Renz delivers on that and is a phenomenal company to work with,’ said Andy.

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