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Royal DSM releases flame retardant material for open 3D printing systems


Royal DSM has announced the release of a new flame retardant filament material, Novamid AM1030 FR, the first UL Blue Card certified filament for open systems. The material enables new applications in the automotive and electronics sectors, amongst others.

Novamid AM1030 FR presents an attractive solution for manufacturers looking for an easy to use, flame retardant material to run in their open system. The material is certified as V0 at 1.6 and 3.2 mm, and as V2 at 0.85 mm. Building upon the strengths of DSM’s Novamid technology, the PA6/66 material offers manufacturers a high performance solution.

The material was tested in a UL certified lab with a part built on an S5 printer of DSM’s partner Ultimaker. The UL Blue Card certifies the combination of material and printer. However, as the flame retardant Novamid AM1030 FR is an open systems material, any and all manufacturers with access to an open platform, fused filament fabrication system are able to work with the new material.

Nirali Surati, product manager additive manufacturing at DSM, said: ‘Moving additive manufacturing to full scale industrial production requires more materials that meet customer and market needs. This innovation in flame retardant materials unlocks affordable 3D printing for applications that need to meet governmental and industry regulatory standards with regard to flammability.’

Novamid AM1030 FR is a non halogenated material, making it a logical choice for manufacturers looking for environmentally friendly, high performance materials.

‘Because of 3D printing’s continued penetration into industrial applications, we have noticed increasing end user demand for standardisation, predictability, and reliability of FFF 3D printing. Thanks to the collaboration between DSM and Ultimaker, it is now possible for industrial customers to produce functional parts that are validated by safety and compliance company UL (Underwriters Laboratories). UL Blue Card certification enables many applications in the electric and electronics sector. The certification applies specifically to the Novamid AM1030 FR material in combination with the Ultimaker S5 – our easy to use 3D printer with a large build volume, high uptime and reliable dual extrusion, created to deliver accurate, industrial grade parts,’ added Stefan Weyrich, business development manager materials at Ultimaker.

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