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GIS and Seiko collaborate to increase integration options for the Seiko RC1536 printhead


Global Inkjet Systems (GIS) is further expanding its product portfolio to include flexible drive electronics for the Seiko RC1536 printhead.

GIS Drive Electronics offers proven comprehensive, high performance and flexible datapath solutions, supporting a wide range of printheads from major manufacturers to deliver world class productivity, print quality and system reliability. Working in close collaboration with Seiko following high customer demand, GIS has developed the HMB-SII-1536 Head Manager Board to drive the performance of this high-productivity ink recirculation printhead to its fullest potential.

The Seiko RC1536 printhead can accept a wide range of viscosities and is compatible with oil, UV, solvent and aqueous based fluids – ideal for a wide range of applications, including high laydown coating and varnish, additive manufacturing, ceramics, textiles and more. Featuring a wide print width (108 mm), the printhead also achieves up to 10 levels of greyscale with a drop range size between 13 pl to 225 pl. The high flow Ink Circulation Structure means ink is in constant circulation and always ready to jet, removing the need for priming or purging before starting printing.

The new GIS HMB-SII-1536 can drive up to four Seiko RC1536 printheads off each board. This compact HMB is based on GIS’s Ethernet platform, which includes data management, waveform control and printhead diagnostics, all accessed via Gigabit Ethernet with a robust protocol and standard Ethernet components. It supports the full binary and greyscale capabilities of the Seiko printhead.

‘GIS is delighted to have collaborated with the team at Seiko to add this new Head Manager Board for the Seiko RC1536 to the company’s existing product portfolio. This now provides a greater opportunity for customers to incorporate GIS technology to suit their application,’ said Nick Geddes, managing director.

‘Working precisely and reliably is a key focus for Seiko,’ said Frank Kühn, managing director. ‘Therefore, we are glad to have GIS as a global leading partner for a trustworthy and reliable collaboration and look forward to future growth.’

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