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Baker Labels invests in two Ashe slitters

Packaging Solutions

Baker Labels has made a £300,000 investment in two Ashe Slitters for its materials department – Baker Materials.

The Ashe Diamond and Solitaire slitters replace previous machines that had run for 20 years and will add efficiency, extra safety and speed to production.

The Diamond slitter (affectionately now named Neil!) comprises a duplex rewind section with rotary slitting and control console, a separate shaftless unwind stand and reel lift and an offload trolley. It can slit at speeds of up to 500 metres per minute and has maximum web width of 1650 mm.

The Solitaire slitter (now named Bruce) comprises a free standing slitting/ unwinding machine together with a separate shafted unwind stand and an offload trolley. It also has a maximum speed of 500 metres per minute but with a maximum web width of 600 mm.

Paul Sykes, production manager at Baker Labels, said: ‘The continued challenge for us to be able to satisfy the demand from customers to provide them with a faster, even more efficient quality service was the driver behind us investing in two new slitters. The quality of the new Ashe Diamond and Solitaire slitters is fantastic and our Materials team has been working hard in training to adapt to the new kit.’

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