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Precision Printing investment delivers three-fold production increase

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Precision Printing and have chosen a Photobook Technology MitaBlock 450 gluing machine from Intelligent Finishing Systems to elevate its service for trade buyers.

Andy Skarpellis, Precision Printing’s chief operating officer, said: ‘We already had a layflat solution but it was an entry level machine and we needed the next level up. We wanted something that could cope with the increased demand for photobooks and reduce the amount of work we were outsourcing. It has enabled us to manage 90% of the jobs inhouse now. It was also important to drive new products to market for existing clients.’

He continued, ‘There were also a number of things that stood out on the MitaBlock. First was its footprint which meant it could be fitted in straight away, next was its ease of use with the team able to operate it after just half a day’s training and lastly the fact it is so versatile with its hot glue technology.’

‘It had an instant impact,’ said And. ‘Production already had the imposition set up so we could hit the floor running. It is a lot faster than our old system. We have seen a three-fold increase in the work we can now handle. We are getting through many more jobs.’

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