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Antalis adds Katz Display Board to its growing portfolio

Print Solutions

In response to increasing demand from customers looking for more sustainable alternatives to plastic based products, Antalis’ Visual Communications division has introduced Katz Display Board to its ever growing sustainable product portfolio.

Katz is an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of PVC and PUR foam boards for retail and point of sale sectors. Developed to withstand store conditions, including variations in temperature and humidity, it is ideal for the production of in-store point of sale advertising and display, signage and hanging signs, floor standing display units, counter top displays, and shop décor and display. Its high quality, smooth white surface gives excellent print results on UV digital, screen and flatbed latex.

A laminated display board, Katz has a core of natural ground wood pulp with high quality coated paper liners applied either side with natural starch acting as the adhesive. It is manufactured in the Black Forest area of Germany using locally sourced PEFC certified wood and environmentally friendly production techniques that include no bleaching or chemical processing. The factory employs a heat recovery system and two in-house hydro plants to maximise energy efficiency along with a closed water loop to conserve natural resources.

Because it is 100% fibre based, Katz can be recycled in normal waste paper streams. If it were to end up in landfill, it takes little more than a year to break down.

Paul Neale, product manager at Antalis, commented: ‘Sourcing sustainable, environmentally friendly products for our customers is a high priority for us and we are delighted to bring Katz into our sustainable portfolio. It is a great product that we have already supplied for use in retail displays for some leading names on the high street.’

Katz Display Board in 3 mm and 5 mm options and standard 2440 x 1220 mm is available from Antalis for next day delivery. Bespoke sizes, up to 2650 x 1500 mm, are available to order.

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