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Report showcases importance of sustainable packaging in tackling food waste

Packaging Solutions

Metsä Board has published a web based impact report to demonstrate the importance of sustainable packaging. The company created the report with experts at AskKauko, a Finnish software start up developing next generation impact communications.

The important role of packaging in protecting food during transport, in stores and in homes is highlighted by the impact of food waste, a serious environmental issue that accounts for almost 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. In the impact report, current statistics and information on packaging materials are supported by sliders and calculators, which encourage users to explore further how packaging material choices, for example switching from plastic to paperboard packaging, can result in positive environmental effect.

Sari Pajari, senior vice president sales and marketing at Metsä Board, said: ‘We want to make sustainability topics and facts about the role of packaging more accessible to a wide audience. The interactive report, a new tool that we are piloting with a Finnish start-up company, provides a new and interesting way to present facts and to invite engagement.’

The impact report is available online at

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