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New generation SubliNova G7 dye sublimation ink

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The new SubliNova G7 dye sublimation ink is the latest addition to InkTec’s consumable portfolio.

It offers outstanding printability through its superior colour gamut and light fastness. What is more, the ink demonstrates improved ink flow, which delivers even better stability for high speed production environments. It has been specially developed by InkTec’s dedicated in-house research and development team based in South Korea. Using stringent quality controls, the ink is proven to be completely compatible with the leading large format printing brands. These include Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland, plus an ability to be used with the Mimaki MBIS.

The key benefit of this ink is its combination of being able to deliver a superior quality with a consistent density at a fraction of the cost of branded inks. This combined with its great ink flow means it lends itself to long term use and is suitable for use with various transfer papers. Currently available in one litre bottles, the inks are environmentally friendly; free from formaldehyde, VOCs and Alkylphenol and feature a full compliance with RoHS.

On this newest addition, Peter Davidson, head of IP consumables sales at InkTec Europe, said: ‘We are thrilled to offer this new generation of dye sublimation ink, the increase in colour density delivers outstanding vibrant colour, which together with the ink flow performance matches the latest high speed production requirements. More excitingly this is just the start of the new innovative products we will be introducing in 2020.’

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