Colourform is poised and ready to take traditional packaging out of the box

January 13, 2020

Packaging Solutions


Blending technological solutions with a growing eco conscious consumer mind set, Colourform from the James Cropper group is making waves in the packaging industry. 


Colourform is thermoformed, plastic free, natural fibre packaging. Easily recyclable and biodegradable, it is available in customised shapes, colours and textures. It has been developed in response to the needs of premium brands who want to offer a quality, sustainable customer experience.  


To help brands realise the capabilities of Colourform, the team developed ‘Poise’ to inspire sustainable innovation in packaging. 



Craig Marshall, Colourform managing director, said: ‘As Poise demonstrates, the technology behind Colourform allows us to challenge conventional packaging shapes and integrate a wide range of sophisticated functionality and features, including hinges and clasps for inner and outer packaging. With precision embossing and meshing capabilities, we can also build in patterns, imagery and typography which contribute to the brand narrative. You can even protect your signature colour with our colour matching expertise – we can match anything a customer brings to us. Every project we deliver is unique, making the possibilities endless.’ 


Colourform uses 100% natural renewable wood fibres from sustainably managed forests and high quality recycled fibres from its own world class reclaimed fibre plant, giving new life to waste from a variety of sources including used coffee cups.  


Craig continued, ‘There is a new dawn of opportunity afoot for brands and we want to show them what it looks like. Packaging now needs to be both environmentally friendly and beautiful; the challenge for brands is to deliver against future thinking in order to meet consumer expectations. 


‘Our goal is to innovate. Colourform exists as a direct response to the needs of the market – it reconciles the need for sustainable packaging with the desire for premium and bespoke aesthetics. 


‘We recently worked with a futurologist who predicted that as consumers mount pressure on brands to deliver sustainable alternatives, we will see a very rapid change in consumer behaviour. Consumers will actively avoid products packaged in materials which cannot be easily recycled, or end their life in landfill. Colourform is a great example of a step change that we should start to expect as standard.’


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