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Tiny machine is big on benefits

Packaging Solutions

Pharmaceutical product handling and coding specialist Travtec has launched a cost effective off line solution for the application of tamper evident labels to cartons. The Travtec TinyTampino has been primarily designed for pharmaceutical packs to enable them to meet FMD regulations but is also ideally suited to provide secure closure for other high value products.

The new Travtec TinyTampino will be demonstrated at the Label & Print Show, a specialist part of the Packaging Innovations Show, at the NEC on the 26 and 27 February.

The TinyTampino is ideal for smaller volumes and trial runs. Its compact dimensions mean it can easily be placed on any desk or benchtop. It delivers consistent and accurate label placement across the carton closure, handling labels up to 25 mm wide and 30 mm long for a wide range of carton types and sizes, at speeds of up to 20 labels per minute.

The machine features a maintenance free design and a robust stainless steel construction. It offers quick set up and label changes and is safe and easy to operate.

‘The TinyTampino plugs the gap in the market for an effective tamper evident labelling solution, delivering maximum flexibility for minimal capital outlay,’ explained Travtec technical sales manager Jake Barnes.

‘As well as its suitability for smaller operations or test packs, it also provides an ideal back up solution to keep the packing process moving in the event of any unplanned stoppages on the line.’

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