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Xitron installs 5000th Screen CTP interface

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Xitron has now surpassed the 5000 unit mark for its ubiquitous Screen ‘Blue Box’. The interface is designed to allow virtually any RIP or workflow to drive PlateRite computer to plate systems manufactured by Screen Graphic Solutions. This milestone is representative of Xitron’s on-going efforts to lead the printing industry in pre-press independence.

Through its extensive dealer network, Xitron has sold over 35,000 Harlequin RIPs, driving CTP devices from many of the major manufacturers.

The company’s Screen USB interface is estimated to be driving more than a quarter of the PlateRite engines in production worldwide, either through a Navigator RIP or Raster Blaster TIFF catcher when other workflows are in use.

In the case of number 5000, American Graphics in Lake Havasu City, Arizona replaced an aging system with the Xitron Navigator Elite workflow, directly driving the Screen PT-R.

‘There is no question that the Screen CTP line has proven itself to our customer base over the last few years,’ said Karen Crews, president of Xitron. ‘Existing users tend to keep their Screen PT-Rs for a long time. Discovering they can upgrade to more productive, flexible, and economical workflow choices without having to buy a new CTP engine makes them very happy. Similarly, other customers are excited to learn that, through Xitron Raster Blaster technology, they can keep their existing workflows and buy new or used Screen engines for reliable plate output.’

Xitron drives all Screen thermal CTP engines that use the PIF, S-PIF, or F-PIF connector to supply raster data to the imager.


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