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Positive about Print: A message from Earth Island

In these uncertain times please remember that we are here to help.

Even with people working from home and business taking a dip, if you have a new product launch or added value offering, we can still get your message out there, directly to your customers.

If you have positive news, or are helping out with charitable donations, please let us know.

With our magazines we will be running ‘virtual shows’ using augmented reality and other links to bring the articles and ads to life, and put your message directly into the readers hands, both in print and online.

We will also be sending weekly e-newsletters carrying all the latest market information and hyperlinked news to keep everyone up to date and informed. You can be involved in this.

With our massive opted-in databases, we can deliver your targeted messages instantly and provide you with all the statistics and responses.

And with our social media networking we can keep your business front of mind and spread any news that you may have. (18k+ LinkedIn, 7k+ Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc).

Let’s stay in touch and keep things rolling. Let's stay positive.

Please e-mail David to let us know how we can help and work together for anything marketing wise.

And, e-mail Susan with your positive news.

There’s extra information for your marketing planning here:

Stay safe and healthy, and always positive about print.

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