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Antalis introduces floor graphic sticker for dry toner print

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Due to the increased demand for floor graphics solutions, Antalis has added Xerox Floor GraphiX for dry toner printing to its range.

This floor graphic is perfect for indoor environments including retail outlets and supermarkets, airports and travel hubs, events and conference centres.

Requiring no lamination after printing, Floor GraphiX is a fast way to produce anti-slip certified floor graphic stickers. It is also easy to apply and reposition on both hard and smooth surfaces, including low pile carpets, and to remove after use. It is made of ultra tough polyester that resists tearing whether under pressure from anything such as pallet trucks to stiletto heels. The polyester base also means that it won’t stretch, distort or leave adhesive residue.

Xerox Floor GraphiX has been rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance without the need for lamination, giving a superior product that adheres to safety standards. It is intended for indoor use and has an R10 anti-slip rating. It is available in SRA3 sheet sizes.

Mike Collins, Antalis Visual Communications product manager, said: ‘It can be printed using digital laser/toner printers (subject to compatibility lists) so customers can now add this exciting display application to their portfolio and produce vivid, easy to apply floor graphics. This is especially relevant for our clients and their end customers as demand, due to social distancing, remains strong.’


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