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Berry Global supports government’s mask manufacturing mandate

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Packaging specialist Berry Global Group is collaborating with The Medicom Group to design the manufacturing solution and guarantee the supply of non woven fabric intended for use in producing hundreds of millions of face masks annually as part of Medicom’s agreement with the British Government. Medicom is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of medical and respiratory masks.

To do so, Berry is investing in a new meltblown non wovens line, to be outfitted with its proprietary charging technology, at one of its UK based facilities to increase capacity of material necessary in the production of European standard Type IIR and N99-equivalent FFP3 masks. The masks will be manufactured and sold under Medicom’s European Kolmi brand.

The British Government has enabled these investments through a long term contractual commitment. The agreement confirmed support for Medicom’s new UK based production facility, which is scheduled to open later this summer. This move highlights the focus governments are placing on securing a supply chain that helps ensure a local supply of personal protective equipment.

‘Berry has deep roots in the UK. We are pleased to support Medicom as it opens its new facility and helps advance safety and protection in the region well beyond the Covid-19 pandemic,’ said Curt Begle, president of Berry’s Health, Hygiene, and Specialties Division.

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