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Swanline’s UK and European supply solution

Packaging Solutions

Swanline Group regularly facilitates supply solutions for overseas customers when it is too inefficient to supply from their own plants. With the ability to manage a project from design through to print and distribution or dovetail any supply chain solution the company can be called upon to support multi-country projects.

Los Angeles based Bay Cities contacted Swanline to help deliver the European requirement of a global promotional campaign. Greg Tucker, chairman and CEO of Bay Cities was aware of Swanline’s reputation and capabilities, and when facing a complex project knew they were the supplier to partner with.

He commented, ‘Little did Bay Cities know that the campaign launch was to begin in Europe; first in the UK and then onto the continent. Bay Cities contacted one of the best in the business, Swanline, to help in the manufacturing and distribution of the package. Not only was the package important but woven into the artwork was an AR (Augmented Reality) tag that, once pointed at with a cellular device would release a Black Eyed Peas topical experience.’

Bay Cities designed and built a replica of a boom box into the package design that contained a collector’s jacket to commemorate the launch of the Black Eyed Peas concert series. Using complementary screen and digital print techniques to achieve the perfect finish, the seamless distribution of identical product manufactured by the two companies was successfully delivered across the globe within the target period.

Nick Kirby, CEO Swanline Group, commented: ‘When Greg Tucker contacted us about the Boom Box we were able to instantly rise to the challenge with a robust solution using complementary digital and screen processes to exactly mimic the US version. Whilst the deadlines were tight, Swanline is used to reacting to such demands. Swanline stepping in to save the day is what we do best, and we were proud to be associated with such a high profile requirement.’

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