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Pioneering the future of book production from Padstow

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The Cornwall based printing company, formerly known as TJ International, has from 1 September, announced a dynamic, future facing rebrand of the business which now will be known as TJ Books. This comes alongside significant financial investment in new processes and equipment.

The £1.5 million plus investment strategy is focused on both improvements in efficiency and providing publishers with a wide range of options for their book production requirements.

Based just outside of Padstow, close to the Cornish coast, TJ Books is one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of quality books, producing on average 1000 titles a month.

The drive towards higher production values, smaller inventory, and reduction of publisher risk, along with the environmental advantages of producing on-shore, are at the heart of the new strategy.

The new system upgrade, which includes the latest iX30200 HD inkjet press from Canon, complements two existing continuous fed inkjet presses, which now flow into a fully automated finishing line providing a completed book within hours. In addition, five colour toner and cover embellishments for short run lengths have been added. The investment increases capacity and combines the workflows for short run digital and print on-demand production.

TJ Books is also introducing a new Management Information System (MIS) which will go live at the end of the year. This will streamline the front end of the business, giving customers greater visibility and live information about their orders.

The company was founded in 1969 and underwent a management buyout led by Andy Watts in 2018. Since then it has gone through a series of structural changes to ensure a thriving business despite the big uncertainties of Brexit and Covid-19. TJ Books is today led by Andy Watts, managing director, Andy Adams, finance director, and Andy Vosper, sales director.

Andy Watts said, ‘These past two years have been an important time to ensure we have laid key infrastructure to support the strategy. Our decision to buy this business and then relaunch as TJ Books, was borne from a desire to offer an innovative and refreshing approach to the market. Our new brand represents the company that we are today and what we are experts at – books. Our new fresh, dynamic and modern website not only showcases what we do here in Cornwall, it also portrays our unique personality within the trade and the personality of the people in our eclectic team here at TJ Books.’

Andy Adams added, ‘I don’t think there is a company out there who hasn’t felt the effects of the recent industry challenges and this year’s pandemic. However, we are excited about the prospect of looking beyond the now, and are taking the lead with our pioneering attitude towards the future of print. The art of bookbinding is a noble, longstanding profession and together with our team, we’re passionate about innovation, effectiveness and are constantly on the front foot of the future with our new brand, and new capabilities.’

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