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Adare SEC embarks on further digital transformation investment programme

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Adare SEC has embarked on a multi-million pound three year investment programme to further enhance its capability to deliver market leading digital customer communications for its clients.

‘Digital Envelope’ is Adare SEC’s new digital platform that encompasses integrated SMS and secure e-mail capabilities, allowing clients to digitise and deliver transactional customer communications, further enhancing the customer experience as part of a multichannel communications journey.

The company’s Digital Envelope announcement follows soon after Adare SEC revealed it had boosted its extensive print capabilities with a £3 million investment in enclosing capability technology and hardware.

Adare SEC’s chief digital and information officer, Andrew Herd, commented: ‘Our Digital Envelope service platform represents the latest investment in our strategy to deploy leading edge digital technology and remain at the forefront of our clients’ customer communication needs.

‘Through a combination of digital, content services and print, we have the agility to maximise the effectiveness of customer communications across any channel, while also minimising the environmental impact of its business and that of our clients.

‘Our Digital Envelope solution brings more choice to customer communication preferences and enhances the overall customer experience, making online and off line communications truly integrated.

‘With customer experience at the forefront of our priorities, the combination of multichannel delivery allows users to benefit from reduced mailing costs, greater regulatory compliance and faster customer responses.’

As part of Adare SEC’s continuing digital evolution, its hybrid mail solution, PrintMe, which fuses an innovative digital interface with established print capabilities, has also been enhanced, enabling clients to efficiently mail day to day customer communications at the click of a button, from any location.

This service, designed for communications that would normally be printed via a desktop or office printer, allows communications to be sent to a secure Adare SEC facility for production, from any location. Here, they are printed, fulfilled into an environmentally friendly envelope and posted via Adare Post for less than the Royal Mail standard tariff.

Andrew continued, ‘The recent investment in our digital capabilities demonstrates Adare SEC’s continued focus on the ever evolving needs of our clients, as they move towards delivering a truly integrated communication solution for their customers.

‘While there remains a huge requirement for printed communications, highlighted by our recent £3 million investment in enclosing capabilities, we are also acutely aware of the need to continue to enhance our digital capabilities in line with our business strategy.

‘Crucially, our new Digital Envelope solution goes further than simply delivering digital messages. By offering these integrated capabilities we can help a variety of businesses to improve their customer communication experience.

‘This continued investment is especially important in the current climate, where a greater prevalence of remote working is challenging businesses and their employees to maintain key processes from any location. The future needs of our clients will continue to be at the forefront of exciting Adare SEC investment plans and our digital transformation strategy.’

Adare SEC has facilities in Huddersfield, Redditch and Nottingham. Last year, the company produced and sent over 750 million critical customer communications.

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