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The last few months have made one thing quite obvious: in order to emerge stronger from crisis situations, it is essential to be able to rely on automated processes in unforeseeable situations and to intervene flexibly and quickly in print production. OneVision has considered these aspects when further developing its pre-press software Asura over the past months and has equipped it with three new, powerful functionalities.

In the field of direct mailing, the production of books, brochures and other print products, images are often repeated in files. This causes unnecessarily large file volumes. With the new ‘Embed recurring images only once’ function, identical images are embedded only once. For all other occurrences, ‘Reference XObject’ elements are being created that reference the embedded image. This allows file sizes to be significantly reduced and processing times of subsequent systems to be accelerated.

Hemstitches are mainly important in wide format and textile production. The new module ‘Add Hemstitches’ adds hemstitches to supplied print data. The print image can be flipped on all sides or white space can be added. The required sizes can be set individually. For double sided printing, the motif can be chosen between front and back. Print data are therefore perfectly optimised for production requirements.

Printers send their customers proof sheets of prepared print files for approval. This is intended to avoid costly and time consuming reprints. With the improved functionality of the variable data printing module, colours and fonts contained in the print file can be used as properties. This information can be used in many different ways including for the dynamic generation of proof sheets. In addition, the file properties enable routing within the workflow and hence ensure a dynamic, smooth file preparation.

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