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A recyclable jar for a perfect duet

Packaging Solutions

A duet is a musical composition for two performers of equal importance. The same goes for Duetto Jar from international beauty manufacturer and provider Quadpack. Its double chamber design allows two star formulas to shine together. The jar holds two different creams separately in 40 ml compartments, making it ideal for mask sets, night and day creams, travel essentials or any other dynamic duo of products. The monomaterial container is made entirely of PP, ensuring compatibility with the majority of skincare formulas on the market.

Duetto Jar is also available with up to 44% PCR, which would give it an advanced level of sustainability, according to Quadpack's PIP (positive impact packaging) ratings system. Lifecyle assessments show that the circularity index of the PCR PP version is three times higher than that of the virgin PP jar, with improvements in carbon footprint and water use, as well.

Simple, minimalist, yet highly versatile, Duetto’s aesthetics are easily adapted to any brand image. Its walls, chambers, shive and cap provide plenty of scope for creative decoration. The jar can be colour matched, spray coated, hot stamped, metallised or silkscreened, making it an attractive, compatible and recyclable packaging solution for two complementary products in perfect harmony.


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