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Acorn Web Offset joins Two Sides

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Two Sides has announced its newest member and supporter, Acorn Web Offset, the specialist A5 and A4 magazine printer. 


Acorn Web is a specialist magazine printer. It produces high quality, low cost magazines printed in A4 and A5 format, along with printed catalogues. 


‘We are delighted Acorn is now a member of Two Sides. Sustainability is a highly important subject with our customers wanting more information in relation to their printing requirements. We are constantly looking at ways to reduce not just our waste paper but all waste that we produce both in the manufacturing plant and in the office, segregating and sending for recycling. We have both Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) chain of custody certification for responsibly sourced paper. This ensures printed jobs can be tracked from the forest, through the pulp producer, paper mill, paper merchant, Acorn, and then to the customer. By joining Two Sides we can communicate to our customers just how sustainable our industry and print really is,’ said Mark Roberts, managing director for Acorn. ‘With Acorn Web, you can be assured that we are working towards a better environment.’ 


Paper has been the preferred communication medium for 2000 years. Even in today's digital world, it continues to be highly effective and when produced, used and disposed of responsibly, is inherently sustainable. 


‘We are pleased to welcome Acorn on board as members of Two Sides. Our partnership with them will help us communicate the great environmental story that print and paper has to tell, with their printed magazines and bespoke print reaching many brands and consumers. We look forward to working with Acorn moving forward; it is always a pleasure to welcome new members on board,’ said Josh Birch, campaign manager of Two Sides UK. 



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