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Agfa introduces fastest Jeti Tauro inkjet printer to date

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The Jeti Tauro H3300 UHS LED is Agfa’s new flagship, targeted to the high end of the sign and display market. This UV-LED inkjet engine prints media up to 3.3 metres wide in four or six colours at a speed up to 600 m² per hour. Like its siblings, it combines high print quality with all round versatility, extreme productivity and cutting edge automation, yet it is even sturdier and up to 30% faster. And just like the other members of the Jeti Tauro H3300 family, it is a true hybrid that can handle boards and sheets as well as flexible materials – in different configurations.

Every component of the new H3300 UHS (UHS for ‘ultra high speed’) is geared towards sustaining highly productive, reliable print operations with low maintenance requirements and high uptime. Examples include the high speed autoloader for fast media processing and the large ink tanks for greater autonomy.

Thanks to the extended vacuum zones and media guides, it is also well suited for corrugated cardboard packaging printing, thus enabling sign and display printers to expand their offering and cover all deliverables for their customers’ marketing campaigns.

The master roll to roll configuration can handle both single and dual roll printing, and features an optional camera for accurate double sided printing of block out media.

The printer uses Agfa’s Greenguard Gold certified Anuvia UV-LED inks, characterised by a wide colour gamut and high colour vibrancy. Ink consumption is low thanks to the ‘Thin Ink Layer’ technology – which relies on the exceptional colour strength of the pigments in the inks, the smart algorithms in the Asanti software, and perfectly matched printer components. White ink and primer are optional.

The Jeti Tauro is powered by Asanti workflow software, which controls and automates the entire printing process from pre-press to finishing, while guaranteeing colour consistency and optimising ink consumption. The smart Asanti Production Dashboard displays ink and media consumption and printing time for each job and printer. Calibrated Print Modes (CPMs) are personalised production templates that control all parameters for a particular substrate and enable automatic job creation.


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