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AM Labels enhances label applicator offering with print and apply system

Label Solutions

AM Labels Limited has added the LabelPack Panda print and apply system to its portfolio. The high performance, industrial solution is designed to be integrated with thermal transfer print engines and can support companies in streamlining their operations.

The innovative LabelPack Panda print and apply system is available as either a four inch label width model for maximum label dimensions of up to 110 x 150 mm, as well as a six inch label width version for maximum label dimensions of up to 150 x 210 mm. Both versions benefit from a maximum roll diameter of up to 300 mm. Designed to be integrated with thermal transfer print engines from various leading manufacturers including Sato, Zebra and TSC, the print and apply solution utilises a motorised liner rewinder and features an anti rotating linear applicator with a 300 mm stroke as standard.

In addition to benefitting from an intuitive operator panel with a colour touch screen to display and store key parameters, the LabelPack Panda print and apply system enables users to choose from two application methods to apply labels onto the chosen product packaging. Labels can be applied via a pressure sensitive method, where the label is applied using a vacuum plate which physically touches the product. The vacuum plate is spring loaded and a microswitch stops the piston as soon as the plate touches the product. Alternatively, the system also benefits from a proximity detector, which detects when the vacuum plate is approaching the product, where upon it blows the label onto the product without the vacuum plate physically touching it. This method is ideal for labelling delicate packaging.

The Panda print and apply system comes complete with USB and LAN connectivity and an Input/Output (IO) Connector, which enables the label applicator to be used in conjunction with additional devices including a product sensor, E-Stop device and a three colour warning lamp. Additionally, to improve productivity and reduce downtime, alarms and external signal interfaces will notify the user of any errors with the system or the printer.

The high performance system is ideal for use by companies printing variable batches or those that require different labels to be attached to different products, such as in distribution or logistics sectors where businesses are printing and applying shipping labels. A range of optional accessories are also available from AM Labels, including a pre-end of label roll alarm and a three colour sign lamp to notify the user of any errors. A choice of height adjustable, heavy duty floor stands suitable for either top labelling or side labelling are also available, as well as a stand that can be adjusted to accommodate both top and side labelling for increased flexibility.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager, AM Labels Limited, commented: ‘The Panda print and apply system from LabelPack is an ideal solution for companies looking to improve efficiency and productivity, while saving time and money and speeding up processes. We have received substantial interest in our range of LabelPack applicators since introducing them this year, and we are delighted to expand our offering with the addition of a high performance print and apply system. We look forward to demonstrating the Panda print and apply system to existing and prospective customers for the first time during this year’s PPMA show, from 26 to 28 September.’


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