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AM Labels introduces innovative bottle label applicator

Label Solutions

AM Labels has added the Afinia A200 bottle label applicator to its portfolio.

The Afinia A200 is an innovative, semi-automatic bottle label applicator that is simple and easy to operate, enabling users to effortlessly apply labels to bottles, cans, jars and a range of other cylindrical containers. Thanks to its ultrasonic gap detector, it benefits from a highly accurate, efficient and consistent performance, even when clear materials are used. What is more, the gap detector on the A200 is more far reliable than mechanical flag sensors, which are common in other bottle label applicators.

The compact label applicator can accommodate a variety of bottle, can and jar sizes, from 25 mm to 160 mm in diameter and from 80 mm to 240 mm in height. Facilitating the application of smooth, straight and perfectly spaced labels without bubbles or creases, the durable and low cost A200 increases productivity, as well as saving time and money, while offering consistent and reliable results. The applicator is compatible with both single and front and back labels and, for additional ease of use, labels can be applied with a simple push of a button or via the included foot pedal.

With the ability to apply labels on up to 600 bottles or containers per hour, the A200 is ideal for use in a variety of industries and applications, including for businesses operating in retail, food and beverage and health and beauty sectors. Designed to enable users to apply labels to their chosen container accurately, the applicator is highly flexible, easy to adjust, and extremely competitively priced compared to other similar models on the market.

The improved mechanical design of the A200 is user friendly and the product guide can be easily customised, enabling label application onto bottles with both small and large heights. The applicator can also accommodate printing onto a limited range of tapered bottles. The A200 further benefits from an intuitive colour display which displays status information in a clear and concise manner, while enabling users to programme up to 29 formats, including the gap between front and back labels.

Brendon Bass, sales and marketing manager, AM Labels Limited, commented: ‘We are delighted to expand our portfolio with this new and innovative product. The Afinia A200 bottle label applicator allows businesses, operating in a range of industries, to effortlessly, efficiently and evenly apply labels to their chosen bottle or cylindrical container, delivering professional and consistent results, each and every time.

‘The A200 was developed to provide a solution to common issues that can occur when operating label applicators with mechanical gap detectors, such as the metal flag being prone to damage or adhesive build up. The ultrasonic media sensor can detect gaps in a wider range of media types, offering increased levels of accuracy and ease of use, while eliminating any inconsistencies that applying labels by hand can often create.’


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