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Amcor and Nfinite enter joint research agreement for recyclable and compostable packaging

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Amcor has announced a joint research project agreement with Nfinite Nanotechnology to validate the use of Nfinite’s nanocoating technology to enhance both recyclable and compostable packaging.

In the proof of concept phase of the project, Nfinite’s coating technology will be applied to Amcor’s existing recyclable and compostable packaging material. The objective is to deliver an oxygen barrier to improve performance for recyclable and compostable packaging. Once validated, the next stage of development will seek to ensure the products are optimised to Amcor’s manufacturing processes and analyse additional substrates like bio based materials to create more sustainable applications.

This project marks an important milestone in the partnership between Amcor and Nfinite that began in 2022 when Nfinite was selected as an Amcor Lift-Off winner. In addition to receiving $250,000 in seed funding, Amcor Lift-Off start ups have the opportunity to work with Amcor’s research and development team to create new applications that can advance both companies’ efforts toward driving circularity.

Amcor vice president of corporate venturing and open innovation, Frank Lehmann, said: ‘This joint research project agreement is an important step, and showcases Amcor’s solution based commitment to sustainability and innovation. Collaborating with innovative start ups like Nfinite, particularly in the early stage of this exciting new technology, is one more way we are working to advance our shared sustainability goals.’

Chee Hau Teoh, co-founder and CEO at Nfinite Nanotechnology, said: ‘We are very pleased to have Amcor’s support in advancing our ambitions to deliver this nanocoating technology in packaging applications. Once scaled up, we can begin looking for pilot companies eager to leverage this technology.’


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