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Antalis hosts tree planting day

Green Solutions

In partnership with Forest Carbon and the Lowther Estate, Antalis and its customers recently visited Lowther Forest for an educational tour and tree planting event.

Alongside the opportunity to plant a tree, Antalis and its carbon offsetting committed customers were given an educational tour of the forest. Customers were able to see first hand how their carbon offsetting activity has supported the development, and ongoing management and protection of the woodland, subsequently delivering positive climate action. Lowther Forest is a total of 240 hectares, comprising 70% conifer trees and 30% mixed broadleaves.

Antalis has supported Lowther Forest for several years, and its work with Forest Carbon across three projects has resulted in 16,488 trees planted, 4645 tonnes of CO2 captured and 13 hectares of ecosystem restored.

‘Antalis helps customers to compensate for the carbon impact of any purchase made from within our entire product range. Customers can offset the carbon generated in the manufacture and delivery of their products through the planting of new indigenous woodland across the UK. There are huge fringe benefits to planting indigenous woodland, such as habitat for biodiversity, recreational space, flood mitigation and soil and water protection. Customers also have the peace of mind that Forest Carbon’s projects are certified under the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code,’ commented Matthew Botfield of Antalis.


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