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Antalis Packaging introduces ‘Protect The Future’

Packaging Solutions

Following on from a recent Antalis survey which confirmed companies’ commitment to sustainability, Antalis Packaging has launched a new packaging initiative, ‘Protect the Future’, which covers the whole value chain, from sourcing through to recycling, in order to make sustainable packaging possible, and support customers with their environmental challenges.

The Antalis survey showed that 66% of companies are willing to pay more for environmentally friendly packaging products. Taking this into account, Protect the Future focuses on environmental engagements, actions, and packaging solutions to support their customers in their specific business challenges.

John Garner, head of business development at Antalis Packaging, explained that 2020-21 has been challenging for us all. ‘Antalis aim to play its part in improving the environmental situation through supporting customers with their environmental challenges, sourcing sustainable materials from responsible suppliers, designing eco friendly packaging solutions, optimising packaging products to avoid unnecessary waste and reducing CO2 emissions throughout the value chain,’ he said.

Antalis recognises that packaging is essential for customers to protect their products, transport them safely, promote their brand image, and deliver a unique customer experience. However, as a result of overwrapping, controversial materials, and pollution caused by transportation, packaging is facing environmental challenges. Protect the Future will reinvent challenges and provide day to day planet friendly packaging solutions, including eco friendly alternative products, recyclable packaging solutions, and optimised transportation, so that not only does the planet benefit, but customers do too.

The reasons for Antalis’ environmental initiative are clear and include environmental legislation, customer need and concern, customer certifications, customer demand for expertise and advice. In alliance with clients and suppliers, Antalis is committed to providing planet friendly packaging solutions, and actively contributing towards protecting the future.

‘In a world where every action has an impact on the environment, we believe that tomorrow’s successes and resilience are rooted in being responsible and making smart decisions today. The goal for Antalis Packaging is to always exceed the standard codes, customers’ needs, and expectations. Our packaging experts offer a range of environmental services and support, including the design of smart packaging solutions that meet the customers,’ concluded John.


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