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Antalis’ sustainable substrates featured in Dr Martens’ store

Wide Format Solutions

The new interactive Dr Martens test and learn concept store on Carnaby Street, London, exemplifies impactful, sustainable retail display, showcasing impressive point of sale imagery and interior branding using a range of Antalis’ large format environmental substrates.

The store design and fit out is the result of a collaboration between Leeds based specialists in wide format printing and signage, Imageco, and its client, Syn Retail. Imageco has recently become a certified carbon neutral printer, helping Dr Martens meet the sustainable brief set out for the store.

The brief from Dr Martens incorporated the creation of a range of sustainable point of sale and interior decoration which moved away from traditional PVC based products. The company had a clear vision for the design and sought expertise in specifying suitably sustainable materials. Antalis is committed to continuously expanding its portfolio of eco friendly materials, and with the expert consultation support from its specification consultant, the selection of suitable materials for this brief was made easy.

Several products were selected from the Antalis Visual Communications’ range for the concept store, each being more environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional materials without compromising quality for interior decoration and signage. Katz Display Board was used for internal displays as a wood pulp, fully recyclable instore solution. Katz is manufactured using a sustainable production process that delivers quality as well as being dimensionally stable.

For the store interior, Xanita Print panels were used. Available in both Xanita Print and Xanita Kraft, the reusable and recyclable product is a lightweight, customisable, high strength fibreboard which can be used for a vast array of applications, from point of sale and basic signage, to three-dimensional structures, shop fittings, exhibitions and furniture.

The expert choice of materials means that when the store interior is updated – typically every six weeks or so – instead of being sent to landfill or for incineration, the point of sale and other display items can be reused or disposed of in paper recycling streams.

Managing director at Imageco, Nathan Swinson Bullough, commented: ‘Antalis’ eco friendly materials were perfect for this project. We regularly refer to its Green Star System to help us understand the environmental credentials of each product and their recyclability at end of life. Katz Display Board worked well for the internal point of sale as it is extremely rigid, with a vibrant finish. Xanita Board is really versatile, and we now use it for a wide range of applications as it brings even the most creative 3D design to life!’


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