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Are you our next creative champion?

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To celebrate nine years of Earth Island, we are introducing a new initiative – Creative Champions. Come and get involved.

Creative Champion 5: Bridge Media

Open to all readers – printers, designers, eco warriors, creative agencies, marketing experts, finishers, packaging gurus, stationers, bookbinders, and more – whether large or small, new or old, print, packaging or design, our new Creative Champions Award will be given each month to a company that is pioneering and leading the way in vision, innovation and originality.

The focus here is set fully on ‘creativity’, not how many people you employ, or how much money you make, or how many years you have been established. It is about what you do, and how you do it differently that inspires your employees, your customers, your colleagues, your peers. It is not about one project, but on on-going ethos of ingenuity and coming up with solutions to problems, then solving them in the most creative ways.

Great promotion

From our March issue until our December issue, each month a Creative Champion will be featured and promoted through a special in-magazine supplement, which highlight the best of creative talent, projects, information and ideas within the industry.

Then, throughout December and early January, an online vote will take place to award one of the monthly champions with Creative Champion of the Year.

The February 2023 edition will also feature all the champions from the previous year, as we look back and update on the even more creative things that they are doing.

There will also be ample networking, information and knowledge sharing events along the way that our champions, and other readers, can get involved in – but we will let you know more about those as we go.

To enter, companies and organisations can either nominate themselves, or be nominated by someone else – a customer, a supplier, a competitor. We simply want to showcase those positive people and businesses who highlight just how brilliant print on paper can be, how delicious packaging can be, how wonderful design for print can be, who show ow clever and forward thinking it can be, who embrace the importance of sustainability. Pretty much all Solutions readers I would think!

And, it is completely free to enter – and very easy. Simply CLICK HERE. No need to send anything through the post – just fill in the form, and answer a few simple questions.

We hope you will take this opportunity and join with us in this wonderful celebration of positive print and help us showcase the incredible aspects of our industry to the world.

Come on! Join in!


  1. It is completely free to enter Creative Champions. The winners will be decided month by month, so you can keep entering all year.

  2. Great promotion for your business. The chance to show the world how creative you are, talk about your business and highlight the work you do.

  3. Solutions goes to a varied audience, including printers, designers, agencies, and print and packaging buyers at pretty much every major brand in the UK, so the potential to be seen buy customers or those looking for creative partners is high.

  4. Quick and very easy to enter.

  5. The potential for marketing throughout the year.

  6. A very nice trophy to display as Creative Champion, and the chance to be honoured as champion of champions. A positive boost to business, your employees and something

Creative Champion 1: Inkling Print Solutions


Creative Champion 2: Print4


Creative Champion 3: Bonacia


Creative Champion 4: Blackdog Digital


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