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Ashgrove launches PVC free Easy Dot for aqueous wide format

Print Solutions

Ashgrove is expanding its range of PVC free printable materials to help you print more sustainably and reduce the impact your print has on the planet.

This new Easy Dot self-adhesive polypropylene from Neschen is suitable for water based aqueous inkjet printers and most importantly PVC free.

Polypropylene (PP) is a much more simply structured synthetic material than PVC which occurs as a by-product in the petrol industry, is non-toxic when burnt and does not contaminate ground water.

Easydot PP is perfect for application on windows, doors and other flat surfaces, it is so easy to use with bubble free application and residue free removal: the end user can apply and remove it themselves!

This great new product means you can print easy stickers, adhesive posters, wallpaper and more on your aqueous wide format inkjet printer.


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