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Aslan introduces three very different products

Substrate Solutions

Aslan has developed three exciting new products.

MagicProtect Matt Aslan SL 99 is a laminate with a magical, repellent effect against paint, varnishes and dirt. Made from a special top coated 80 μm PVC film, it was developed for smooth and rough surfaces. It comes with a matt, repellent coating that protects prints successfully against graffiti, dirt and other surface vandalism. The effect is the same like water on a lotus leaf – the paint is dripping off while spraying. Due to this effect, the sprayer cannot complete his work and very quickly loses interest in the ‘artwork’. Paint does not stick to the surface, vandalism is prevented. When laminated on smooth substrates, graffiti can be removed just like of other dirt and staining. When it comes to rough surfaces, the MagicPro Cleaner will help to clean graffiti very easily. The film is available in 1.37 x 50m rolls. Once applied, it will last up to three years outdoors.

Holographic Aslan SE 72 is a silver self-adhesive film with a holographic effect. Based on a 50 μm polyester it shimmers in the colours of the rainbow. Not only does the film have the same effect on both sides, but it also has no repeat pattern, as holographic materials usually have. With its in-house developed solvent free special adhesive the film offers an outdoor durability of up to three years outdoors. The film is printable with latex and UV curing inks, is suitable for smooth and flat surfaces. It will be perfect for use in retail stores, shop windows, exhibitions as well as for visual merchandising. The film is available in 1.01 x 25 metre rolls.

Finally, WrapTheBase Aslan DFP 48 is the last born in the already wide range of floor graphics films. It is suitable for indoor smooth floors, is based on an 80 μm PVC film, and is not only easy to apply and reposition during application, but is also perfectly removable in one piece without leaving any residue. The films will get its perfect slip resistance in combination with FloorProtect Aslan MP 326 (R9) or PremiumFloorProtect Aslan MP 300 (R12). It is available in 1.37 x 50 metre rolls.


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